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 At each for; to do Retail Centre, their is a staff member, or a team, there to service the needs - 24 hour a day, 365 days a year - of our members; and HNW individuals, alike.
By-way-of one or more of our communications platform(s) - taskdoer.com (when going online); one of our (telecommunication) telephone numbers; or in person (at a center, or by reaching out to a physical person) -  we receive request for Task to be completed, and pass along those request to one or both of two type of "(Do) ers":

To those individuals who are Register Users - individuals seeking to provide task services ("Taskdoer") - of either the " Taskdoers network", or the for; to (do) network - who are known as "Taskdoers".  They are independent contractors.
And/or, to those individuals who are employees of either, for; to (do), or for; to (do) Centers,
who are known as "for; to (do) ers".
They maybe notified of a task based upon their current location to the available task - Worldwide.


Get Hired as a doer, starting at

min of $20 USD

and up (depending upon the type of Taskdoer needed).


Taskdoers ("Drivers; Shoppers; Runners; Shippers; etc.") receive FREE goodies from us either daily, or weekly - based upon your active participation with For; to (do)Taskdoer, Browse on,  Finders Worldwide, Runner Delivery, or Bag of goodies.

You will receive items in one or more of the following categories:

  • Food

  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Health Care
  • Transportation
  • Travel
  • Financial.

  • There are TWO types of doers:

    - You will be a - an independent contractor working for a client, and (s)he will direct you (the taskdoer) as to how to perform the task.

    - There are also er , actual employee(s) of For; to (do).  (S)He may also perform task, but mainly takes Task request;  check to see if a Taskdoer is performing to the standards of his/her assignment;  oversee a job request involving one or more Taskdoers.

    When a request comes in. we will first seek out a  to perform the task request of Taskposters, unless (s)he selects the option to have a  er  do the task,  If no is found prior to the start date and time of the task, we will request the Taskposters o.k. to have a  er perform the task.

    For a Description of how task are assigned

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