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Receive your Online, Store bought, or by Phone orders delivered or shipped to one of our for; to (do) Centers, or Parcel Kiosks / Lockers in your (or any) area.

If you are a Registered user, simply, place your order, (or whatever) with whomever, and provided them with an address to the desired for; to (do) Centers of your choice.
For; to (do) Centers Locations

Next, notify (place your order with) us herein (at a cost of $2.00) instructing us to receive and either hold for pick-up your order, or to deliver it as desired.

If you have a For; to (do) Account you can subscribe to our Storage Service, and be Charged only $2.00 USD per day for up to 20 packages which in total weight no more than 300 lbs and/or taking up no more than a 15 foot by 15 foot space.
Also note that Letter Mail and mail in general received by us must be done so either on a one off basic, or as a subscription via our Mail Service.

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