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Price: Your License to use a Unique Username across Fortodo, and it's related brands - The Fortodoverse

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Your Fortodo Personal Username 
 - etc.

Get Your Fortodo Username - A unique Fortodo Address for Yourself - with us. This unique Username of yours will be the same across ALL for Fortodo's brands - with the possible exception of a future company we purchase, which may already have a user naming system in place.

License your Username for as long as you desire.

This service is an extra feature.
It give you the right to use a unique Fortodo Name in place of your assign numbered username for as long as you maintain your license to the name.



$1 USD per Month - Renews Monthly up to one (1) year

$10 USD per Year - 

$20 USD per 2 Years

$50 USD per 5 Years

$100 USD per 10 Years

$200 USD for your Life time - As long as you are alive

$500 USD Eternally - As long as you are alive, and continues forever thereafter

There is No set up fee, but there is a one time IDV (Identity Verification - apart of our Account Verification  ) fee of $10, if you have not already been verified across Fortodo and it's brands.

+ IDV ( is extra )

- Fee is $10 USD


- Enter your info above, and then select the “Add to Bag”    button.


Sending Us the Forms and Documents

Upload your documents when subscribing to this service,


Send any documents to us as follows:

  1. By Mail: Send us the original (not photocopied) copy of the form along with the photocopied IDs to us to the mailing address listed on our contact page.
  2. By Email: Scan the original copy of the Form and your two IDs and email it to us at
  3. By Fax: Fax us the signed form and your two forms of IDs to our secure fax line at +1-650-617-8001. This is our least preferred method because frequently the IDs and form information does not come through cleanly. Text must be legible and photo IDs must be identifiable. Otherwise, you’ll be asked to provide your documents through the other two methods.

Prepare original (not photocopied) copies of any form along with the photocopied IDs to us.

Acceptable IDs

Following is a list of acceptable IDs:

  • Valid driver’s license or state non-driver’s identification card
  • Recognized corporate ID (your work ID)
  • Student ID
  • Passport, alien registration card (aka “green card”), certificate of naturalization
  • Current lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust
  • Voter or vehicle registration card
  • Home or vehicle insurance policy

Social Security (Identity) cards, credit cards, and birth certificates are NOT acceptable forms of identification.


You can have the same Unique Fortodo Personal Username

across ALL Fortodo Brands, with limited exceptions.



Business Address (Virtual)
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Business Address (Virtual)
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Price: $.50 USD / Per Minute
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Price: $10.00 USD per Month
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