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For Accounts

If you have a For; to (do) Account with a Cash Balance, we can:

  • Shop and Deliver for you locally or far way. 
  • Provide IMMEDIATE services and support - online, by phone, or at a For; to (do) Center.

You will need to Fund your Account before we can use it to pay for any products, or service for which you will be using it as a form of payment.

You may do a ACH Debit from your Bank Account to your For; to (do) Account.

Visit, or Call your bank to do this, or

Use one of the Apps you commonly use to send funds to your family or friends, 

You may also use:

The "Cash" App (search "Square" in your App Store") on your phone (or download it).  Our phone # is : 650-367-8636,  and our email address is:

* Cash Deposits made Online and/or by Phone are Transferred from an existing for; to (do) Account into the for; to (do) Account you are using to pay for your services.

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