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Price: $.50 USD / Per Minute
By: Fortodo Centers

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We are (T)Here for you - when you need us (and however you need us).

Have one of our Finders / Doers - starting at $ 0.50 cents USD per minute, to (do):

  • Verify Information, on Someone; Something; Someplace
  • Checking the quality of a Hotel
  • Checking the quality of an Apartment; a House; a Room for the night
  • Find a Object / or Something left behind
  • Find/Verify Something Online
  • and Much More

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  You will initially be charged here for the initial first 15 minutes estimated cost of the Task.  The balance will be charged, or paid - by Cash in-full, Credit Card, or Debit Card - upon the completion of each days work.

No Checks Accepted.
No promise to pay later.

Some task may require payment (or proof of payment) at the start of work.

There are TWO types of doers:

- Each  is an independent contractor and works for you, and you direct the taskdoer as to how to perform the task.

You pay For; to (do) directly for the task to be complete.  If a Taskdoer is to be paid directly, we will notify you of this  - in advance, or by calling you from (650) 367-8636.

- Each  er is an employee of For; to (do) and works for us.  (S)He may also perform task, but mainly takes Task request;  check to see if a Taskdoer is performing to the standards of his/her assignment;  oversee a job request involving one or more Taskdoers.

We will first seek out a  to perform your task request, unless you select the option to have a  er  do the task (select the option in this order).  If no is found prior to the start date and time of your task, we will request your o.k. to have a  er perform the task for $15.00 extra per hour.

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