Car Service

Let us secure you a ride via one of many service providers like:
Getzigo[ 1 ][ 2 ] (in 2018), Lyft, MetroCar, Uber, and others (taxis)


Via   Rides -

where you pay the cost the service provider charges,
plus (+) - either
$3.00 USD (minimum), 
10% of the service providers charge,
Whichever is greater

Pay with Account holders , Cash, Credit/Debit, Bitcoin, Dwolla, more .

1 No additional charge
2 Insurance included.
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Request a Ride - Car Service Needed
Price: starting from $3.00 USD for us to secure you a ride
 Request a Ride - Car Service Needed
Need a Ride? Request it "via For; to (do)". Let us get you or someone else a ride  Learn More
Volume Discount Club
Price: $500 Standard Membership
Volume Discount Club