Unique Handle - UserName - for Business

Price: Your License to use a Unique Username across Fortodo, and its related brands
Your Fortodo Business Handle a.k.a Username 

 - etc.

Get your Business Handle - A unique Fortodo Address for your Business - with us. This unique Username of yours will be the same across ALL of Fortodo's brands - with the possible exception of a future company we purchase, which may already have a user naming system in place.

License your Username for as long as you desire.

This service is an extra feature.
It give you the right to use a unique Fortodo Name in place of your assign numbered username for as long as you maintain your license to the name.


$100 USD per Year

$200 USD per 2 Years

$500 USD per 5 Years

$1,000 USD per 10 Years

$5,000 USD for your Business Life time - As long as your business exist

$10,000 USD Eternally - As long as your business exist, and continues forever thereafter

Additional Fees

None!  There is No set up fee. The IDV (Identity Verification - apart of our Account Verification   ) is included in your subscription, if you have already been verified across Fortodo and its brands.

+ IDV ( is extra )

- Fee is $0 USD

If you have not already been verified across Fortodo and it's brands, then, the IDV

- Fee is $10 USD



- Select a subscription Plan below, and on the following page, enter your business info, and any other info required, and then select the “Add to Bag”     button.

Then, pay for your subscription.

If accepted, and available, we will reserve your unique username and it will be available on our upcoming platform update in 2023.

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Unique Handle (Username) for Business - Annual Subscription
Price: $100 USD / year
Unique Handle (Username) for Business - Annual Subscription
Fortodo Unique Username for Businesses: A Unique Username across all of Fortodo

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