Fulfillment by For; to (do) - Runner Delivery

Store your items with any of our For; to (do) Fulfillment Centers, and have them delivered to your customers/clients via our Runner Delivery Service.


On For; to (do) Fulfillment2
for orders placed on Fortodo.com
through the use of a Selling on For; to (do) account
Multi-Channel Fulfillment
for orders placed through other sales channels
or through any other For; to (do) accounts
Order Handling
Per customer order
$1.00 As low as $3.90
Pick & Pack
Per unit ordered by customer
$1.02 $0.65
Weight Handling 3
Per pound per unit ordered by customer
As low as $0.46 As low as $0.454
Per cubic foot per month
As low as $0.48 As low as $0.48

Other fees may apply, such as prep service fees, process for customer returns in specific categories, and long-term storage fees.