Planning Development Administration 
( P D A )


Wherever you currently have, and/or need business operations, and/or staff to get things done for you,  our For; to (do) Business Incubator Centers, and our Doer Services - current and planned; physical and virtual - are:
At your service, and, for your business
wherever - WE have operations.


Current Locations (for your local presence):  
 - Palo Alto, California, U.S.A. (virtual center)
 - San Francisco, California, U.S.A.  (virtual center)
 - San Jose, California, U.S.A.  (virtual center)

Planned Locations:
 - Undisclosed, but coming

Our Services are dedicated to entrepreneurs, startups, early-stage, and well established companies.  Whether your a small business, or an big enterprise, we are (t)here for you.

What makes us different?  Our Doers!

You now have additional places to do business, with access to "Doers".


You may be a business headquartered in Dubai, with a presence needed in Silicon Valley. Our Virtual For; to (do) Centers - in San Francisco, San Jose, or Palo Alto are here for you now, with Physical Centers planned, and under consideration.

Or you maybe a London based start-up, with work to be accomplished in Sydney, Australia.  Our Doers there, and worldwide, are at your Service.

Powered by (Y)Our
Designers - Developers - Engineers - Managers - Drivers - Finders - Runners - Shoppers - Taskdoers - and many other "ers"
as-well-as local For; to (do) Centers

Via your For; to (do) Center,

Establish your Businesses Local Presence

  • Get a Local Physical Address
  • Mail Accepted
  • Mail Redirected
  • If desired, opened, faxed, read
  • More

Have Done by (Y)Our Doers:

Local Task you need accomplished

  • Represent you/your business at events; meetings;  etc.
  • Be your "Facts on the ground"
  • "Verify for you" locally
  • File Documents with local agencies
  • Pick-you/your staff up when visiting
  • Arrange accommodations
  • Arrange Transportation
  • Duties related to your maintaining a business
  • Be a Brand Ambassador
  • Attend, and report on trade shows, meetings, etc.
  • More


If you are not already a member, first, become one by selecting the Membership package. 

Next, select from any of the other services.

Concierge Service

$25.00 Fee + cost, and, $0.50 cents USD per minute Doers fees 

Let us assist you 24/7/365 days a year
Wherever you are, or do business

Business Solutions Membership

Subscribe to this membership, then, get services - as-needed - A la carte.

Wherever we have a For; to (do) Center

From $25 USD per month

No set up fee

Restrictions and Limits may apply

Business Address (Virtual)

From $30 USD per month

 + Location Fee starting at $30 USD per month

Per Local Presence Address

- (Virtual Address)

No set up fee

This service DOES NOT include mail acceptance.
Just the right to the locations address as your business address.

Virtual Offices

From $30 USD per month

 + Location Fee starting at $70 USD per month

Per Local Presence Address

- (Virtual Address + Mail Acceptance)

No set up fee

This service include mail acceptance.
And also the right to use the locations address as your business address.

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Business Address (Virtual)
Price: Business Address Forms
Business Address (Virtual)
US forms needed to receive your Mail at our For; to (do) US Centers or parcel kiosks / lockers
Facts on the Ground
Price: $.50 USD / Per Minute
Facts on the Ground
Business Mail Service
Price: $10.00 USD per Month
Business Mail Service
Receive your Mail at our for; to (do) Centers or parcel kiosks / lockers
Business Development Workshop
Price: $30.00
Business Development Workshop
Business Admin. - Post Covid 19 - Workshop - November 02, 2020
The "Business Mail Service" service include mail acceptance.
But, it DOES NOT include the right to the usage of a locations address as your business address.



Doer Services:  Terms of Service