Become a Driver



You may complete the form below to Drive for For; to (do) Rides, but if you are accepted to drive for us, and if you request to provide rides for passengers (People, or Animals) wherever you are, or travel to, you will only be able to do so where For; to (do) Rides has been permitted and/or licensed to operate (that is, to accept and carry passengers and is licensed to do so).

For example: If you live in city A, and if For; to (do) Rides is permitted to operate as a TNC, then you will be able to pick-up passengers their, but if you travel to city B and wish to pick-up passenger, and For; to (do) Rides IS NOT permitted to operate as a TNC, then you WILL NOT be able to pick-up passengers.  Got it?

If you, or your company have a license and/or permit to pick-up passengers, then that changes things - lets talk!  

Regardless of whether you carry parcels, products, or passengers, you will be an Independent Contractor.  None-the-less you will:

Get Paid: From $25 / Hr and up

Plus Benefits:

- Health Care
- Financial
- Travel
- Mileage: .15 cents / mile
- A Free Bag of goodies
-- Daily, or Weekly