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For Cash-on-Deposit Accounts

If you have a for; to (do) Cash-on-Deposit Account, we can

  • Shop and Deliver for you locally or far way. 
  • Provide IMMEDIATE services and support - online, by phone, or at a for; to (do) Center.

You will need to Fund your New Cash Account before we can use it to pay for any products, or service for which you will be using it as a form of payment.

You may do a ACH Debit from your Bank Account to your For; to (do) Cash Account.

Visit, or Call your bank to do this, or

Use one of the Apps you commonly use to send funds to your family or friends, 

You may also use:

The "Cash" App (search "Square" in your App Store") on your phone (or download it).  Our phone # is : 650-367-8636,  and our email address is:

You also may give your For; to (do)er (but NOT your Taskdoer:  a.k.a Shopper, Runner, Taskdoer, Finder) any extra cash desired to fund your account.
* Cash Deposits made Online and/or by Phone are Transferred from an existing for; to (do) Account into the for; to (do) Account you are using to pay for your services.

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