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For; to (do)ers receive FREE goodies from us in ALL of the following categories:
  • Food
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Health Care
  • Transportation
  • Travel
  • Financial

    either daily, or weekly.

  • Locations

    How we Hire For; to (do)ers


    To Work for For; to (do) (as a "For; to (do)er" - an actual employee ), or to just perform Task for For; to (do) as an independent contractor ( that is as a "Taskdoer" ), a person Must first be a "REGISTERED" For to (do) User.

    A person can use our services as a "GUEST"
    (meaning, they have not registered, or they do not wish to sign in
    - remain anonymous), but to work for us, one must be a registered user.

    A "Registered" User is defined as follows:
    A person that has made available to for; to (do) his or her actual name; actual date of birth; actual telephone number; and actual physical and/or mailing address.

    A person may need to provide his / her actual social identification number or/and social security number.

    Throughout your time working at For; to (do), we will seek to help you, not only when you are on the clock, but whenever you need us.
    Lots of Goodies
    Whether you are working on campus; in a remote office; or at home, you will receive goodies you need.
    Support in Life
    We hope to always be (t)here for you when you need a little support.